Acupuncture for Fertility Optimization (Pre-Conception)

It's no secret that a modern American woman in her most procreative stage of life is overworked, stressed, anxious and lacking proper sleep and nutrition. Yet she doesn’t have a diagnosed infertility. She might even consider herself a healthy person. But when such woman becomes my patient I always ask her if she is PLANNING to become a mother.

And if the answer is yes, I suggest that we will treat not only treat her current problem, but also start to prepare her body for pregnancy.

Preparing to labor a new life

Why prepare? It takes about 120 days for the new egg to be recruited. If during this period a woman takes the time to reduce certain factors impairing her optimum health, such as understanding how to regulate her cycle, optimize fertility, minimize oxidative stress, normalize sleep patterns, calm the spirit, improve and modify her diet and gain additional support through acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas and supplements, she increases her chances for an easy pregnancy and a healthy and vital baby.

It also takes about 90 days for the new sperm to be created. To potentiate their chances both partners should go through at least 3-4 months of regular care to prepare themselves for a very challenging task – to conceive, to carry and to labor a new life. For acupuncture fertility treatment in Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana or in the Orange County area please schedule your first complimentary consult at our fertility clinic below.

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