With utmost gratitude to all my teachers

Ata Kelly received her MD degree in 1990 from the prestigious I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical Academy. She specialized in Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. While practicing allopathic medicine in the hospital, she discovered the benefits of acupuncture and after completing a two -year advanced specialization in medical acupuncture she implemented the method into her daily medical practice.

Searching for further advanced education in a complete body of Traditional Chinese Medicine she moved to the United States in 1998 and received her Master's Degree in Acupuncture from the Health Science University, MN in 2001 and Master of Oriental Medicine from Dongguk Royal University, CA in 2004.

A devoted apprentice of the world-renown teachers,Dr.Nguen Van Nghi,MD,-"The Father of the acupuncture in the West"- and Dr.Tran Viet Dzung,MD, Dr.Kelly is a licensed, certified acupuncturist in Newport Beach, and a leading fertility specialist in Orange County, CA and continues to study extensively with internationally recognized Masters.

Dr. Kelly's Passion & Expertise

Dr. Kelly believes that there is ONE MEDICINE and the future is in the further fusion of Eastern and Western medical systems. That understanding became a center of her practice and the key to successful treatment and prevention of many chronic illnesses.

For more than a decade she has specialized in helping people with pain, migraines, facial paralysis, Bell’s palsy, diabetes, thyroid disorders, stroke, neuralgia and more. For the last 8 years the treatment of male and female infertility became the main focus of her expertise and passion.

Dr. Kelly is a member of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a non-profit organization that promotes disease prevention programs. She values the importance of public health education as a way to prevent chronic diseases and teaches extensively throughout the country and abroad.

What Patients Are Saying...

  • Sonia Kacker-Devgan, MD
    “ I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kelly and often ask her to commute to Ventura County so we can continue to work on our cases together. She is an excellent healer and will be a true asset for any organization.”
    Sonia Kacker-Devgan, MD
  • Steven B.
    "Everybody get on over to AK-U-Puncture Global Wellness and spread the word on all the good medicine being practiced there. Dr. Ata Kelly is the best acupuncturist I ever went to see."
    Steven B.
  • Natalia B.
    “I am currently being treated by Dr. Kelly after a car accident.  She is simply a blessing!”
    Natalia B.
  • Tom L.
    “Exceptional. Skillful. Compassionate. Pain free for many years since I saw Dr. Kelly. The best!”
    Tom L.
  • Michael D.
    “ To be honest, I don’t like needles, but I still go, because she really helped me.”
    Michael D.
  • Rachel S.
    “Dr. Kelly is committed to the health and well-being of her patients”
    Rachel S.
  • Irina Feldman, MD
    "Over the years I have sent many of my patients to Dr. Kelly and worked closely with her functional medicine and acupuncture practice…Dr. Kelly is well respected by her colleagues and loved by her patients. She goes above and beyond to help her patients to live happy and healthy life…on a personal note, I don’t believe there is more skilled, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor of Chinese Medicine with such a solid base of Western Medicine."
    Irina Feldman, MD
  • Olga S.
    “Dr. Ata Kelly is very gentle, highly knowledgeable, intuitive, thoughtful & non-judgmental. She has a caring heart, amazing energy, solid clinical skills and a full understanding and appreciation of the energetic system of the human being. You would never leave her office without feeling better, more relaxed, refreshed and grounded. Dr. Ata truly believes that healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels is in fact possible.”
    Olga S.
  • Andrea S.
    “I recommend her to everybody because I trust her. She has a gentle, holistic approach to health care. She treats problems, not symptoms.”
    Andrea S.
  • Diane M.
    “I was in pain for 6 years. Only few visits and I am a human again. I can’t believe it is possible.”
    Diane M.
  • Charlotte S.
    “Dr. Kelly is a wealth of knowledge. Western or eastern medicine, nutrition, herbs, healthy cooking, growing a garden, psychotherapy and spirituality - she can help with her advice.”
    Charlotte S.