The World Health Organization defines infertility/sterility as the inability for a couple to get pregnant despite, their explicit wishes, after more than 24 months of regular, unprotected, sexual intercourse.

Female Infertility 101

For a woman, infertility (or a state of sub-fertility) can manifest itself as either:
1) Inability to become pregnant
2) Inability to maintain a pregnancy
3) Inability to carry a pregnancy to a live birth

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 7.3 million women of childbearing age (between 15 and 44) in the US are likely to have impaired fertility. Overall, that means an impaired fertility rate of about 11.8%.

Female infertility is responsible for about 41 % of all infertility cases.

Facing the pressures of infertility

Most men and women are raised to become mothers and fathers one day. To be a parent, to bring a new life into the world is a fundamental part of female and male identity.

The pressure to raise a family can be enormous, and the thought of not being able to conceive can make many people feel something is wrong with them. Also watching friends and family having babies creates additional stress and frustration.

It is easy to forget how many couples experience difficulty with fertility worldwide. Once you realize the staggering nature of infertility statistics, you may feel less alone and more able to reach out and explore your options, both in western medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Causes of infertility

Let’s take a quick look what can cause infertility.

There are many reasons why a pregnancy does not occur. In women, often it is an ovulation disorder or infrequent or absent ovulation (anovulation), which typically results in infrequent or irregular periods.

In such conditions there are fewer opportunities to conceive as it is difficult to detect fertile periods; eggs do not break through the follicle or eggs are released off-sync, all of which are crucial factors in fertilization and implantation.

Some typical causes of ovulation disorders include:

  • hypothalamus dysfunction
  • hypophysic insufficiency
  • hyperprolactinemia
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome-PCOS
  • luteal phase defect
  • tumors of the pituitary or adrenal glands or ovaries
  • Primary ovarian failure (POF)
  • Resistant ovary syndrome
Other reasons for the impaired fertility could be:

  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Tubal blockage
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases
  • Hypothyroidism, obesity or unhealthy low weight
There are many reasons why women postpone getting pregnant: further education, a rising career or business. These women are truly achievers and are accustomed to take care of their bodies.

And it’s great! However, our organs continue to age as we grow older and so do ovaries.

They become smaller in size, lose luster, develop more scars and connective tissues from previous inflammations; the blood vessels become sclerotic and the blood supply falls drastically.

Oxidative damage from intra-cellular activity is increased, more mistakes happen with DNA replications and more cells die easier and faster. All of these factors negatively influence a production of follicles. Follicular depletion accelerates in the last decade of reproductive years. Latest scientific studies offer proof. (BiolReprod. 2004 Feb;70(2):419-24. Epub 2003.)

Besides internal causes and natural reasons of cellular aging, there are external factors, accelerating ovarian aging and causing, eventually, ovarian failure.

These include:

  • Environmental toxins
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Lack of sleep and high level of stress
Male Infertility:

  • Varicocele
  • Abnormal and low sperm count
  • Tumors
  • Infection
  • Antibodies to the sperm

How Acupuncture can help with infertility

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have a long record in helping women and men who are suffering with infertility issues.

They work through restoring hormonal balance, increasing the blood flow to the ovaries and enhancing their function, as well as treating inflammation and much more.

With an integrative approach, when we combine western diagnostic tests, BBT charting with traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, targeted nutritional supplements, diet optimization for healthy weight, and a specialized stress reduction meditation program, many couples can have a chance to achieve pregnancy naturally and bring home a healthy baby. Schedule a free consult below to learn how to get pregnant naturally and discover the treatment options available to you in Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana and Orange County.

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