The Trauma of Miscarriage

For many women, the difficulty they are having is not with fertility but with maintaining a pregnancy after they have successfully conceived. Miscarriage is a very traumatic, distressing and grieving experience for lots of women.

  • The clinical rate of miscarriage is reported to be between 10-25% or higher, depending on age
  • 20% of pregnancies in women less than 40 will miscarry
  • 1-2% of women of reproductive age will be affected by recurrent miscarriage (3 or more miscarriages)
  • 75% of these women will eventually have a good outcome
  • Approximately 60% of conceptions are lost even before a missed period
  • Advanced age is a primary risk factor and the risk rises exponentially from the age of 35
  • Several studies noted that male advanced age( >35-40) is associated with more miscarriages
  • 80% of miscarriages happen within the first 3 months of pregnancy; women who have difficulty conceiving and have conceived through artificial means are at a much higher risk for early miscarriage.

Recurrent Miscarriage (RM): Defined as 3 or more consecutive first trimester miscarriages.This can affect 1% of couples trying to conceive.

 of habitual recurrent miscarriage

  • Uterine and cervical abnormality

  • Hormonal disorders: ovary and placenta
  • Immunologic disorders
  • Genetic abnormalities in the parents
  • Uterine and pelvic infections
  • Environmental causes
: stress; diet, chemical, drug and toxin exposure, EMF and radiation
Other chronic illnesses in either partner such as diabetes, thyroid, intestinal, cardiovascular or renal diseases, excess or low body weight can also be contributing factors.

Psychological factors

Emotional stress and other psychological factors can also accompany a miscarriage. There are different types of miscarriage, different treatments for each, and different statistics for what your chances are of having one.

Symptoms of Miscarriage

  • Mild to severe back pain, often worse than normal menstrual cramps
  • White-pink mucus
  • True contractions (very painful happening every 5-20 minutes)
  • Brown or bright red bleeding with or without cramps
  • Tissue with clot like material passing from the vagina
  • Sudden decrease in pregnancy symptoms

How Chinese Medicine can help

Threatened miscarriage – tries to save a pregnancy at risk, reduces anxiety

Inevitable miscarriage and sequelae – helps to safely discharge the products of conception and prevent infections

Recurrent miscarriage – prevents future miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies

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