One question people ALWAYS ask is: How long do the treatments take? This depends on several factors: your initial state of health, healing capacity and your specific condition. For example, a common cold takes 2-3 sessions but infertility or facial paralysis can take 3-8 sessions over a few months.

The treatment of any condition has a few stages:

Relief Care

This is the first stage of treatment when we are trying to get rid of the most bothering symptom, like pain, but not the cause of the pain - this stage can be described like putting a bucket to catch dripping water when you have a leak in the roof, but not fixing the roof itself. The goal here is to provide fast relief of the most painful and bothering symptoms.

Also remember that symptoms show up when only 40% of function is left.

Disappearance of the SYMPTOM doesn’t mean that the disease has gone away completely. When you are 3-6 weeks pain/symptom free, it means that your Relief Care stage is completed and your condition is stabilized, but there is still work needed to be done. Acupuncture is unique, as, while it is helping with a symptom, it always helps to address the underlying cause.

Corrective Care

Corrective Care is initially a part of relief care, but goes beyond that. Using the roof analogy again, it can be described as fixing the hole in the roof. There is not only a relief from the symptoms, such as pain, but improved body functions, higher level of energy, strengthening of the immune system, increased endurance and improved sleep. The main goal is to get rid of the symptoms or pain, while correcting the cause of the problem. The primary focus is to address the underlying causes of the symptoms.

This stage takes a few months of regular treatments (not as often as in relief, though), but brings the body on a new level of functioning, postpones aging, delays the development of chronic diseases and brings the body holistically onto a higher level of functioning.

Maintenance Care

You don’t want to lose what you worked so hard for and want to maintain your optimum level of health.

In order to achieve this you need visits for tune-up, anti-aging and preventative measures including well-balanced herbal and supplemental programs.

Maintenance care is the most rewarding stage: financially and emotionally. Together we will go through all the options and treatment plans and YOU will decide which way you want to go.

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